Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Motion Quilting

I took the free motion challenge sponsored by SewCal, on FaceBook. The first month is a leaf. This is my second attempt, the prior one was a disaster.  I used a variegated blue and yellow King Tut thread, starting in the middle this time and working outwards. Once I relaxed, they actually look like leaves not droopy butts or sad hearts as the first one did.


Anonymous said...

They are just Great! You should have seen my 1st and 2nd! I would have been happy having a name for them, "like droppy butts". I just called them CRAPsters! Chins up, we can do this! Hugs, Kim C


You did really good. I quilt on my DSM and I am doing better with each quilt. Not perfect, just better. It all takes practice.

Lori said...

droopy butts--I love the description! Your leaves look great--not droopy or sad at all.