Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Need to make a "Nook" Cover

Any suggestions for making a Barnes & Noble Nook cover?  It has to be in a manly man fabric so I am thinking of a plaid or stripe.  Has anyone made one?  He wants it to have a Velcro closure instead of a zipper. 

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I was inspired to finish a project from a McCall's quilting cruise I was on in 2007.  Another Pat Sloan project called "A Bird in Pat's Paradise".  When I started today I had only fused the house on, nothing else.  So this is where I am at now, all I have to do is put a back on and machine quilt it.  I did have to order some binding for it from Pat's website, fortunately she had some of the red left.  Whew!  I used a fancy stitch from my Janome 6600 for the stems, words, and smoke.  I knew if I had to hand embroidery those items, it wouldn't get done.  I am anxious to quilt it now.

I'm Back!

I am back from my Enchantment of the Seas cruise up the New England Coast.  It was also a Pat Sloan quilting cruise where we made this top.  My first time doing machine embroidery and we were using the new Janome 7700.  I ordered her fabric for the back so hopefully when that comes in, I can finish it. 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Diaper Bag from an ABU Shirt

My last bag before I go on vacation.  Has a pocket for wipes and a bottle, the other side can hold diapers and more stuff.  Contact me at and order your bag/diaper bag/tote now.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hero Bag in Black/White/Pink Damask

This person wanted a bag with a 32 ounce water bottle pocket and an pocket for her Ipod.  The pocket for the Ipot was no big deal, but the bottle pocket was.  After much worry for nothing, it came out fine.  I will post a picture of the inside later.  This goes to its owner in Germany where she is stationed. 

Another Hero Bag Finished

I picked up the ABU shirt while I was in Germany visiting my daughter.  We happen to be in the Base Exchange and a woman stopped us and wanted to know where my daughter got her bag.  Later in the week we met and she gave me the shirt to make a bag for her mother.  I hope she likes it, I think it turned out great.  On to the next one.  If you are interested in ordering a "Hero Bag" in ABU, BDU, ACU, DCU please go here and we can custom make an order for you.