Friday, June 15, 2012

Back in the sewing room....

I finished up two baby boy quilts I started before "the break up" happened. Trying real hard to keep busy. My daughter from Hawaii came in yesterday with her two girls and my other daughter from North Dakota will be here next week with her two. Nice to have a noisy house, they are full of life.
Some photos of the quilts I made for twin boys and a Huggies wipes case.

These are just five inch "boy" fabrics. I straight line quilted both, then washed them. Love how they turned out. Now to get them in the mail to an APO in Japan. The babies are due in July. Just thought it needed something to fill up the blank areas inbetween so I added the inbetween fabric strips.

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good, good. I am glad you got into that special sewing room of yours. Embrace that and your special company. You are going to get through this rough time. Happy to hear you plan to stay busy.