Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Using The Stash

I must, must use from my stash. So I signed up for Judy L's blog (patchwork I have a little notebook ready to write down my progress. The fabric ins and outs as I cal it. Hopefully there is way more outs than ins! I have a BOM project that needs to be quilted and I plan on using the quilt as you go method. So I am on a fabric diet and I need to stick to it. Anyone else doing this?


Anonymous said...

Fabric Diet New Years Resolution? How many are hopping on this bandwagon for 2012!? Oh, it hurts but... alot are and will and need to slim down in many ways! I feel you! Kim C

Barbara said...

I've been reporting my stash for a little over a year. It does help you think differently. I know I'm buying less.