Sunday, October 2, 2011

More Drawstring Bags

This is my first sewing project since we moved into the house.  My sewing room is almost unpacked.  I thought I downsized a lot before we moved, but apparently not enough.  I have three plastic bins full of nothing but kits I have purchased.  What was I thinking???  So definitely on a no buy odyssey now.  I am leaving tomorrow to go to Las Vegas.  My daughter lives there and of course her five almost six year old twins.  We are leaving Wednesday to go to San Antonio together to see my grandson, her son, graduate from Air Force boot camp.  I made these two little drawstring bags for them to put toys in or whatever they want.  Grandma just can't go empty handed.  I will put some money in there, they like that.  I have not found a good place for pictures yet in this house. 

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Mary said...

Hi Diane, I am trying to get in touch with you for the SQS1 - need all your info. Please email me back:
Thanks, Mary