Friday, November 30, 2012

New Stuff Made

I have been really, really busy sewing up a storm. My mojo is back! Here are a few things I've made. I have wanted to make stockings for forever and finally made some. Now I'm over that. I've made five and one for the guild. So here you go....
A "Winter Swap" I am in. My stipple quilting is improving.

The delivery one (second from right) is for my guild. Donated fabric and I made the stocking. Last month I made two sets of pillowcases and drawstring bags from it.

Table runner for my sister. The quilt is a throw and I love the colors in it. Don't know the recipient yet. I am making another one using men's shirts and I incorporated the label from the shirts into the quilt. It is in the binding process now. Pictures soon.

I made some much needed pillowcases for my bed. My daughter thinks they are garish, but I like them and that's all that matters. I made two of the purple chair bags, one of each daughter. The other cross-stitched strawberries is a gift, and just in case she reads my blog...going to her.
So not to bore you off to make some cat pillowcases for my granddaughters.

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John'aLee said...

Wow....I'm getting depressed running around blog land tonight and seeing all the projects everyone has gotten done! But it is inspiring me to be more industrious this coming year!