Friday, April 13, 2012

Dish Towels to Tote & New Poop or Deux Bags

I was wondering our local Dollar Tree store and found these dish towels. I don't know what the attraction was, maybe the word soup written all over it. I bought two towels washed and dried them. One came out a little wonky, but I made it work. I cut five inches off the top of each one for the straps. No lining in this, I just used the finished edges, folded down the top two inches, attached the handles and boxed the corners. If you want more information on how I made this, drop me a line. I really like how it turned out, so cute for my trips to the grocery store.
Theses are my Poop or Deux bags I sell on my Etsy site. The poop bags dispense from the front pocket. After you pick up after your dog, just drop it in the bag. You no longer have to walk around with a bag of poop. Also available in my Etsy shop.

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