Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Down With Shingles

I have been down with shingles. Very painful, if you have not had shingles, I suggest you go and get the shot. It doesn't prevent it, but it won't be as bad. I am into week two of this mess and will be so glad when the horrible outbreak is gone around my ribcage to the front. Itches like crazy. I have been working on a little wall quilt and another quilt as you go lap project for me. Hope you all had a nice Valentine Day!!


LynCC said...

awww :( Bummer! My girlfriend had it so bad about 10 years ago that it was on her EYE!! the actual eyeball. She literally wanted to tear it out with her nails. I sure hope you feel better very soon.

Mary said...

Oh Diane I hope you feel better really soon! My 22 yr old son, 3 years ago came home for Thanksgiving from college with the didn't last very long but it was around his rib cage too...they can be very painful- I really hope you feel better soon. BTW, did you Ever receive your SQS1 from across the Pond????? Just wondering?? Lots of Hugs, Mary