Sunday, November 13, 2011

Small Quilt Swap #1

I am in a small quilt swap and this is what I made for my partner.  Hope she likes it.  It had to be bigger than 22 inches, this one measured 23.5.  Now I want to make one in a bigger size for myself.  Actually this is the fourth small quilt I made.  The other three are done in various stages.  I could not decide.  


Mary said...

Hi Diane, am trying to get ahold of Lurline...I know she made your quilt and finished it, but she won't answer my emails....if you don't receive by next week, contact me so I can have one made for you by an "Angel". Thanks, Mary

Mary said...

Hi Karen, am trying to reach Lurline....don't worry, I will have another one made for you if necessary. Please let me know if by next week you do not receive any thing, Hugs, Mary