Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying to Sell the House

We are trying to sell our house and move to Portland, Oregon.  I am keeping my sewing room clean and organized it is somewhat of a pain in the ass.  When I am done working in there, I clean everything up and put away my project.  So now I don't want to sew as I don't want to pull everything out. I have a couple Etsy orders to get out this weekend.  We have "open house" on Sunday another day I can't sew.  At least we are getting people to look, which is encouraging in this market. I have received comments my sewing room is "cluttered".  There is only so much I can hide by the screen.  A girl has to have her fabric you know.

I signed up for the Quilted Basket swap on Quilting Gallery so I better get busy and make a practice one at least.

Recent creations from my sewing room - custom order for the apron and the little dress is for my granddaughter in Hawaii

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Nancy said...

we put our house on the market last year and I was told to completely tear down the sewing room and make it back into a bedroom. Didn't do it and never got any negative comments. Of course we also didn't sell our house, but it wasn't for that reason. Good luck..we are going to try again next month... so I started a hand sewing project..